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Ever-proliferating rapid internet connections (DSL, Cable, etc) have opened up a whole new market for webmasters. Video features are now more accessible and practical than ever before. 

But, what kind of strain will video features place upon your server? What types of video features are right for you? What services should you look for when adding such enhancements to your site?

Koi Media has the answers to all these questions, and the solutions for all your web video needs.

What's the Difference?

Free Streaming Video: Show live or pre-recorded video to your audience without cost to them. Static video can be protected through Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology.

Pay-Per-View (PPV): Show live video or pre-recorded video to viewers and collect a fee for each video. Static PPV video can be protected through Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. 


Video Service Basics

Video Services to meet your demandAt Koi Media, we offer solutions for both streaming and static video projects. We are equipped to handle all of your video needs, from short-term corporate engagements, seminars or teleconferencing to live video websites with 24/7 multi-streaming demand.

We utilize Windows Media Formats. This allows your content to be enjoyed by the largest demographic of users on the web today, while maintaining the opportunity for a more diverse audience to access to your content. 

We know security is at the top of your list. Live video streams are secured to guard their integrity and prevent hijacking. Koi ensures the protection of your copyrighted static video material by employing Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. 

Koi also provides better management of your bandwidth by relaying your content on our server. Some other types of services link your clients directly to your system. That can be bandwidth consuming, and cause both you and your clients to experience unnecessary delays and errors. Our relay structure feeds your clients off of our server, freeing up your bandwidth and avoiding the inconveniences of directing linkage. 

Tracking is available so you can monitor active sessions and statistics. 

Our video services are fully-customizable and Koi Media Ltd. is able to provide these service to any webmaster regardless of whether the bulk of your website is hosted with us or not.

Free Video Streaming (Live Media)

This option enables you to provide your web visitors with access to live video presentations at no additional charge to them. 

In conjunction with the free video stream, you have the option to offer your clients the ability to upgrade enhanced video stream options for a fee. 

You (as the supplier) are solely responsible for the costs of bandwidth used during the showing. 

Pay-Per-View Video Streaming (Live Media)

This option enables you to provide your web visitors with access to a live show for a flat-rate fee or to charge them on a pay-per-minute basis. You, as the supplier, are still responsible for the costs of bandwidth, but those costs can be subsidized and passed on to the clients.

This option is provided for a service fee, which incorporates per-show, credit card, and per-gig transfer percentages. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Pay-Per-View Static Video (Pre-Recorded Media)

This option enables you to provide your web visitors with access to static (pre-recorded) video. By using Digital Rights Media (DRM), you can control the expiration periods of the files - specifying a daily, weekly, monthly, or non-expiring lifespan for each file.

The service fee still applies, but there are no per-gig transfer charges associated with this option, unless you provide free preview with your PPV items. 


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