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Video Scenarios

The emerging technologies of Pay-Per-View video and Digital Rights Management in video open up whole new worlds for the web. 

You may be interested in offering video on your site but unsure of how to integrate it, or already using video but looking for a better financial model.

Koi Media can help, and here we outline several video presentation scenarios for a variety of site types.

Digital Rights Management

DRM provides the highest quality security for your video assets while opening new revenue streams for your website.

DRM is simple to apply to your video. Encode a file using Windows Media, and upload it to your server. The system applies an encryption key that will only allow the video to be served from the licensed server, and only viewed on the original buyer's computer.

No more hijacked video appearing on other people's sites, and no more customers swapping files with unauthorized friends!

DRM can be applied to any pre-recoded video on your site, and combines digital encryption with complete billing management.

With DRM, you can apply a rental model or a purchase model. Your visitors will buy the rights to view a video for a period determined by you -- anything from a three day rental to an outright buy. Effectively, you can become your own Internet video store, offering both sale and rental of your content as you choose.

Pay Per View

Koi Media's Pay-Per-View technology opens up huge untapped revenue streams for webmasters.

The typical web model for live streaming video is to have a members' site on which video is available, and hope that subscription fees cover the cost of broadcasting.

With the PPV model, however, the paying audience is no longer restricted to site subscribers. The market for your streaming live video becomes as large as the Internet itself, allowing visitors to access your media for 


  • Adult videos and web shows
  • Sales and training distribution
  • Archived entertainment events


  • Live interviews, demonstrations, etc.
  • Educational and instructional videos
  • Live entertainment events


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